IN THE PRESS: Forbes - October 06, 2014

Why More Marketers Are Working With Companies That Actually Make Stuff.
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Madam is a new offering in the world of client and agency relationships.

Madam believes there’s a new way to do search, to raise the bar.

Madam believes creativity is the differentiator, is the business driver.

Madam is here to introduce clients to agencies and the creativity that will drive their business in this changing, challenging and complex marketplace.

Madam creates a modern process that swiftly delivers a strong relationship and great, big, business changing ideas.


Madam is offering three services:

search_iconMadam’s Search

We are bringing creativity, humanity and modernity to the search process.

Madam’s Search is designed to be robust enough for AOR and nimble enough for the increasing amount of project work from clients. >more

report_iconThe Madam Report

is a custom created trend report. It is available at any time, irrespective of search: from a look at surprising and fresh work in a specific category, geography or audience, to new industry developments, to new breeds of talent emerging for clients to tap into. >more

littleredbook_iconMadam’s Little Red Book

The number of projects and assignments from clients has grown significantly over the past few years.

Madam’s Little Red Book makes use of our special relationship with agencies, creating a database of availabilities to take on projects and assignments. >more